Delicious Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

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This famous combo includes cream cheese, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, and bacon.

This has all of the same incredible flavors as the Crack Dip, but it’s converted into a meal by adding chicken.

You may now eat a whole bowl of dip without feeling bad, just as you would if you just ate dip.

The tastes are simple, yet they burst on your tongue with every mouthful.

The main components in this dish are chicken, ranch, bacon, and cheese.

What could possibly go wrong with that mix?

You may be wondering what crack chicken is and why everyone is crazy with it.

Its the finest chicken recipe youll ever try!

The mix of savory chicken, cream cheese, bacon, and ranch in a slow cooker crack is so delicious that you won’t be able to stop at one.

This Crack Chicken recipe is a must-try if you’re searching for a crowd-pleaser.

It’s also delicious on sliders and is ideal for gatherings.

For the kids, use it as a slider.

Serve these sandwiches on a platter and they’ll go quickly!

This dish is perfect for dinner parties and other special occasions.

How to make this Recipe:

Delicious Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

Here’s how to make wonderful, mouthwatering crack chicken:


●Chicken breast


Ranch seasoning mix


Cream cheese


●Cheddar cheese




Chicken broth


Green onions



1.Start by adding the chicken breasts in equal layers to the slow cooker pot.


2.After that, combine the chicken broth, cream cheese, and ranch dressing mix in a mixing bowl. Cook on HIGH for 3 hours or LOW for 6 hours in the crockpot and don’t remove the lid. Put everything in the slow cooker, turn it on, and let the chicken do its magic.


3.Remove the chicken from the slow cooker and shred it with two forks once it’s done cooking and serve this on a plate.


4.Add Cream cheese, and ranch at the top, as the wonderful sauce, will be at the bottom of your crock. After a quick stir, transfer the chicken to the slow cooker.


5.Replace the lid on the slow cooker and cook for another 5 to 10 minutes, just long enough for the cheese to melt. Remove the lid and sprinkle the green onions on top.


6.Serve on slider buns, hamburger buns, wraps, crackers, or rice while still hot.



Tips for Chicken Slow Cooker: .

To reduce fat and grease, use skinless and boneless chicken. Chicken thighs, boneless and skinless, work just as well as chicken breasts.


For the finest flavor and texture, use actual bacon crumbles rather than bacon bits, which can have a strange flavor.


This is one of those recipes where you don’t want to overcook it.


To melt the cream cheese evenly, cut it into chunks and spread it evenly over the chicken.


Prevent it from drying out.


Bacon and cheddar are a classic pairing, but you can easily switch it up with jalapeno pepper.


This dish can simply be doubled to feed more people.


This is delicious as a sandwich, but it also works well as a dip


This can be cooked on high for 2 hours if necessary.


Reduce the quantity of chicken stock to 1/4 cup if you want it to be less creamy.



What Do You Eat Crack Chicken With?

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken is an extremely flexible recipe.

It may be served in a variety of ways, making it a fresh meal every time!

What Do You Serve With Crack Chicken?

●Crack Chicken in the Slow Cooker is a dish that can be used in a variety of ways. It may be prepared in a variety of ways, making it a unique dish each time!


This gives it a distinctly Asian flavor when served over rice.


Pitas or hamburger buns: Toast the buns in the oven to make a delicious sandwich.


Serve with mashed potatoes for a satisfying and tasty meal.


Split the baked potato in half and stuff the chicken inside.


On a delightful platter full of delights, make a delicious dip with crackers and vegetables.


Wrapped in a Tortilla: Try something light and simply wrapped in a tortilla for a fast lunch or snack.


●Wrapped with lettuce or served on top of a salad: This savory chicken and cheese salad give your greens a boost.


Pitas or croissants are another quick lunch or get-together alternative.


Make a filling dish with the noodles and the chicken.


How To Store It?.

This Crockpot Crack Chicken Recipe can be kept refrigerated because it contains both chicken and cream cheese.


It can last up to 3 days if stored in an airtight container or zip-top bag. Simply place in a saucepan on the stove and heat on medium until well warm. This can be frozen as well.


Fill a freezer bag with chilled Crack Chicken and squeeze out all the air. It can be kept for up to 1 month in the freezer.


Allow defrosting in the refrigerator before heating on the stove until well heated.



While preparing frozen chicken breasts, keep the following in mind:.

Fill your pressure cooker with 1 cup of water and a lid on the bottom.


●On the top, balance the frozen chicken breasts, stacking crosswise if required.


Close the lid and secure it.


Preheat the oven to high pressure and cook for 1 minute.


When you’re finished, quickly release the pressure. As usual, use chicken in the specified dish.



Nutritional Fact:.

Calories: 506kcal


Carbohydrates: 5g


Protein: 40g


Fat: 35g


Saturated Fat: 16g


Trans Fat: 1g


Cholesterol: 165 mg


Sodium: 986 mg


Potassium: 645mg


Fiber: 1g


Sugar: 1g


What to serve with Crack Chicken in the Slow Cooker?

This wonderful slow cooker dinner is not only great on its own, but it is also quite adaptable.

This straightforward dish may be enjoyed in a number of ways.

When deciding how to serve your crack chicken, consider the following options:

On Top Of Rice


●On The Top Of Baked Potato


On Toasted Sandwich Rolls


With Pasta Or Zoodles


Over Quinoa Rice


As A Dip For Chips, Pita Bread, Crackers, And Veggies


In Lettuce Wraps


As A Pizza Topping


As A Meat Topper For Nachos



Frequently Asked Questions.

What Is Keto Crack Chicken and How Do I Make It?

Don’t be concerned whether you’re on the Keto diet or just attempting to reduce your carb intake.

Crack chicken can still be one of your favorite meals!

Serve it with your favorite green salad instead of a bread, and youve got yourself some keto-friendly crack chicken!.

Is it feasible to make the Slow cooker Crack Chicken Recipe ahead of time and freeze it?.

This chicken recipe keeps well in the freezer.

You may prepare this cooked chicken ahead of time and freeze it in an airtight container, allowing it to soften fully before reheating.

Is it okay if I use chicken thighs?

Without a doubt.

Chicken thighs have a wonderful flavor.

Does it matter if I use frozen chicken?

The FDA does not advocate cooking frozen chicken in a slow cooker due to the length of time it takes.

Check the internal temperature of frozen chicken breasts using an instant-read thermometer.

Cook chicken until it reaches a safe internal temperature of 165°F.

Is it possible to use bacon bits from a jar in place of cooked, crumbled bacon?

The taste offered by bacon, on the other hand, is worth the effort of frying and smashing it.

It’s not much labor, and the remainder of the dinner is so easy that you’ll be done in no time.

What can you serve with a side dish with this creamy chicken?

To fill up the protein and carbs, all you need is a green vegetable.

A simple green salad, or cooked broccoli or green beans with a little butter, salt, and pepper, would do.

Slow cooker crack chicken is a recipe your family will want again and again, owing to the simple ingredients of ranch dressing, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

Why hasn’t any liquid been included in the recipe?

There are two methods to create this dish, the first of which is given here.

Some folks are concerned that the crockpot will not hold enough liquid to produce a sauce, but it will.

1/2 cup of water can be added to the recipe.

If your chicken is too soupy, add 2 tablespoons cornstarch and re-simmer it.

Again, no need to add water since the slow cooker will create it on its own.

Is there a faster method to create this recipe for crack chicken?

One of the time-saving alternatives is to purchase a rotisserie chicken.

Before adding the chicken, remove the meat and reheat the other ingredients.

Prepare a large quantity and have it on hand.

Then I can easily produce a batch by following the same techniques you did with the rotisserie chicken.

Which is the best way to prepare buffalo crack chicken?

By adding more spice, this recipe may easily be transformed into Buffalo Crack Chicken.

Simply season to taste with buffalo sauce or spicy sauce.

If your whole family like buffalo taste, you may combine the shredded chicken with the rest of the ingredients at the beginning.

If you’re serving crack chicken sandwiches, you may add buffalo sauce or even your favorite BBQ sauce on the chicken for extra flavor!


Slow cooker crack chicken is a meal your family will want again and again because to the traditional ranch dressing, bacon, and cheddar cheese.




What pairs well with crack chicken?

10 Best Side Dishes to Serve with Crack Chicken
Sweet potatoes baked in the oven. Baked sweet potatoes are nutritious, filling, and quick to make.
Rice made with cauliflower.
Wraps made from lettuce.
Cherry tomatoes that have blistered.
Potatoes mashed.
Green beans with garlic butter.
Broccoli roasted.

Why is my crack chicken watery?

What’s the deal with my watery crack chicken? When you thaw and cook frozen chicken breasts in your slow cooker, they might leak a lot more water. Keeping this in mind, use defrosted boneless skinless chicken breasts in this recipe.

Can you put dry chicken in a slow cooker?

A lengthy, low-and-slow cook period helps chicken breasts maintain moisture, but you can easily add a splash of water or chicken stock to the crockpot if you like! If you’re concerned about dry chicken, you may use boneless skinless chicken thighs for a little more moisture.

Should you put raw chicken in a slow cooker?

Yes, raw chicken can be cooked in a slow cooker! Raw meats are cooked in slow cookers and Crock-Pots. Bacteria are destroyed by the direct heat from the pot, the long cooking period, and the steam formed by the securely sealed container, making slow cooking safe.

Why is crack chicken called crack?

What is the origin of the term “crack” chicken? Contrary to common opinion, “crack” refers to the taste combination of cheese, ranch dressing, and bacon in a meal, not its addictive quality–though it is absolutely addicting!

What is chicken crack seasoning made of?

Wheat Flour, Salt, Corn Flour, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Soy Bean Oil, Yeast, Dextrose, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Paprika and Tumeric Extractives, and up to 2% Tricalcium Phosphate added as an anti-caking agent.

Why is my chicken leaking white stuff?

The white sludge is mostly made up of water and protein. Protein from chicken meat is highly digestible, which means it denatures fast during the cooking process, causing it to leach off water and soluble protein.

How can I moisten my chicken?

Chicken stock or broth is the ideal liquid for reintroducing taste and moisture to dry chicken. Warm the broth over medium heat until hot but not boiling. Place the shredded chicken in the skillet and cover it with just enough liquid to coat it.

Why is my chicken chewy but moist?

If the chicken is undercooked or overdone but still wet, it might be chewy but not dry. Undercooked chicken has not been cooked long enough to properly degrade the connective tissue, resulting in a rubbery, chewy feel.

Is it better to cook chicken on high or low in crockpot?

2 hours. For the greatest results, cook your boneless skinless chicken breasts on LOW. Even if you check it early, boneless chicken breast will become quite dry and tough if cooked on HIGH.2 to 2 1In a slow cooker, cook boneless chicken breasts on LOW for 1 hour.

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