Does Nutella go bad or expire?

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Nutella is a fantastic complement to your snacks that will take them to the next level (or simply a tasty snack on its own), but it is crucial to know how long you may use it for.

Does Nutella have a shelf life? Nutella does expire, however it normally lasts 6 months over the written expiry date before reaching this stage. Whether or not your Nutella has expired is determined by a number of circumstances, including how it was kept and whether it is open or closed.

The remainder of this article will teach you all you need to know about Nutella, from how to keep it fresh to how to detect if it’s gone bad.

How Long Does Nutella Last?

If it hasn’t been opened yet, it should be good for at least 6 months beyond the listed expiry date. It is normally preferable to consume Nutella within 6 months after opening it. It may stay longer if properly preserved, although it may lose part of its flavor and freshness.

The manner you store your Nutella has a huge impact on how long it will last. You want to make sure you’re keeping it correctly so that it remains fresh for much longer and you get the most out of your jar.

Some people believe that since Nutella includes sugar, which is a preservative, it will last a long time. Whilst this is somewhat true, Nutella contains a lot of milk and oil. These components include fat, which causes it to spoil quicker, and hence the presence of sugar does not keep it as fresh as it might.

How Should You Store Nutella?

Nutella should be kept in a cold, dark place, such as a cupboard or pantry. It does not need to be moved to another container, and the one it arrives in will keep it fresh as long as the lid is properly screwed on when not in use.

It’s preferable to keep your Nutella between 64 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, however going a bit higher or lower won’t hurt the snack’s health. Just keep your jar away from any source of high heat, such as an oven or a window.

It is possible to store Nutella in the refrigerator, and it may even help it last longer. Since cooler temperatures inhibit oxidation and microbial development, your Nutella will degrade more slowly than at room temperature.

The fridge, however, renders the snack stiff and unspreadable, and it will not be as creamy as if kept in a cupboard or pantry. This issue can readily solved by briefly heating Nutella in the microwave, but it is something to consider.

Generally, refrigeration isn’t essential if you consume a jar in less than 6 months, but it’s something to think about if you believe it will take you longer.

How Do You Tell If Nutella is Bad?

Examine your Nutella and take note of its aroma and flavor. If it’s old, the taste may be duller and less fresh, but it’s still edible. If it has gone bad, it will most likely have a rotten odor or flavor, and it may also have mold patches forming in it. If this is the case, it should be overturned.

Nutella’s quality will decline with time, but if kept properly, this change should be minimal. If your Nutella has become boring or stale and you are no longer enjoying it, it is better to discard it. If you don’t like or notice the bland flavor of old Nutella, it’s totally okay to consume as long as there are no visible symptoms of spoilage.

Since Nutella contains a lot of oil, it may grow rancid if left exposed for too long. This will most certainly be apparent in the smell and flavor, which will be somewhat sour and strong. If you observe this, throw away the Nutella since it is no longer edible.

Mold may develop in Nutella, albeit it is uncommon. This is mainly due to cross contamination by dipping your fingers or other unclean utensils into the jar, which lets bacteria to enter and proliferate in the spread. Mold may form as a result of this, and if this occurs, the Nutella must be destroyed immediately.

Can You Freeze Nutella?

It is possible to freeze Nutella, although it is not advised. Nutella already has a lengthy shelf life at normal temperature, and freezing it will result in a slightly different consistency when thawed. Yet, if you are determined to save that jar, it is feasible to freeze it.

Because the Nutella jar is made of plastic, you can place it in the freezer without fear of it breaking as it freezes. If you only want to freeze a portion of your Nutella, spoon it into a freezer-safe ziploc bag and seal it tightly. It will freeze nicely either way.

It’s easiest to simply leave your Nutella on the counter to thaw. After it has completely thawed, the oil may separate, resulting in a runny texture. Just put the Nutella in a bowl and rapidly whisk it for a few minutes to correct this.

This will pull it back together and provide more air into the spread, restoring it to its natural creamy texture.

Final Thoughts

Nutella is a fantastic spread that keeps for a long time. Most people will never have a problem with rotten Nutella since it is just too tasty to stay in your cupboard for more than a few of months!

Nonetheless, if you ever find yourself wondering whether an old jar of Nutella is still safe to consume, maybe this article has provided you with some information and helped you decide whether to eat it or throw it away.


Can you still eat Nutella after it expires?

Is it OK to consume expired Nutella? Yes, most certainly. Nutella may be consumed for many weeks or even months beyond the expiration date. Don’t be afraid to distribute it as long as it was properly preserved and shows no indications of rotting.

What is the shelf life of Nutella?

What is the Nutella® shelf life? Even after opening, Nutella® has a 12-month shelf life for portion packs (0.52oz), jars (26.5oz), and tubs (6.6lb). The shelf life of a Nutella® piping bag (35.2oz) is 6 months.

What is the white layer on Nutella?

It’s sugar bloom if you touch the spots and they’re dry and don’t melt. It’s also a good sign if they taste like sugar.

How do you store Nutella after opening?

Keep at room temperature in a cool, dry environment away from sunshine and other heat sources, between 18° and 20° C. If any oil emerges on the product’s surface, mix it in well until it is totally absorbed. Utensils should always be clean and dry. Keep the jar upright at all times.

Can I eat 2 year old Nutella?

In the case of Nutella, the quality tends to last for months beyond the expiration date. In other words, it’s okay to consume Nutella that has beyond its expiration date as long as it doesn’t exhibit indications of rotting and hasn’t been sitting about for too long.

What are the signs of spoilage Nutella?

Apart from rancidity, watch for traditional symptoms of decomposition such as bacterial growth or mold, a foul or strange odor, and notable changes in texture. If the Nutella looks and smells OK, you may taste it to see whether it’s still safe to use.

Should you refrigerate Nutella?

To keep moisture and other impurities out, store Nutella with the lid well closed. Keep it away from heat to prevent the oils from separating. Nutella should not be refrigerated since it will become hard and useless.” Also, the Nutella label reads, “no refrigeration required.”

Is it normal for Nutella to be watery?

No, the oil has just separated from the other components. This is a normal phenomenon and does not indicate that the Nutella has gone bad. There will be a mess, but you must return it to the rest of the Nutella.

Why is my Nutella chunky?

If Nutella separates and solidifies too often, it will become chunky. It often occurs in the refrigerator or when it becomes rotten. When you open a fresh Nutella jar, you may see that there is a film of oil on top.

Why is the B in Nutella black?

Why is the N on Nutella black? Since there was already a firm called Nutella, Ferrero had to maintain the initial N in black owing to trademark difficulties.

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