Does Sparkling Water Go Bad or Expire?

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Sparkling water is a delightful and pleasant drink that may be consumed alone or in combination with other beverages. You probably want to make sure that your sparkling water is still safe to drink, particularly if it has been lying about for a while.

Does sparkling water have an expiration date? Sparkling water does expire, but it does not get sour. It just loses quality with time and may even lose part of its carbonation. Nonetheless, it lasts a long time before this occurs, and it is safe to consume even if it does not taste as delicious.

Let’s discover more about sparkling water’s shelf life and how to preserve it as fresh as possible.

How Long Does Sparkling Water Last?

When kept properly, unopened sparkling water will typically last 12-18 months. When you open a screw-on lid bottle, it normally lasts around 3 days. If you open a can, plan to finish it fast since the carbonation will deplete within a few hours.

When all of these hours have passed, the sparkling water’s quality and taste may begin to deteriorate. It may also begin to lose carbonation and turn somewhat flat. This does not mean that it is unsafe to drink; it just means that it will be less pleasurable than a fresh new sparkling water.

The manner you keep your sparkling water has a huge impact on how long it lasts. You want to make sure that it is kept in the greatest possible atmosphere so that it can last as long as possible.

How Should You Store Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water should be stored in a cool, dark area to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The refrigerator is the ideal location to keep sparkling water, but it may also be placed in the back of a cupboard or pantry.

The fridge is the most dependable method to store sparkling water since it preserves the taste and keeps the drink cool for longer (which is good if you are like me and dont enjoy lukewarm sparkling water). The cold also decreases microbial development, which isn’t usually a concern with sparkling water, but it never hurts to be safe.

If you don’t want to keep your sparkling water in the fridge for any reason, put it in a dark and cold cupboard. The most important thing to remember is to avoid keeping it near any heat sources, such as heaters or ovens, since this might cause the drink to lose taste faster.

How Do You Tell If Sparkling Water Has Gone Bad?

You can’t tell whether sparkling water has gone bad without opening it and tasting it. But, if it has a strong odor when opened, this indicates that it is rotten, and you do not need to taste it if this is the case.

If your sparkling water tastes flat or has little carbonation, it’s time to replace it. Nonetheless, inferior sparkling water is typically safe to drink, and if you don’t mind the lessened bubbles or taste, consuming it won’t hurt you.

That being said, if the sparkling water has an unusual odor or flavor, or otherwise seems to be contaminated, it is better to discard it. Also, continuing to drink anything with a weird odor and flavor is unlikely to be pleasurable, so tossing it away makes the most sense.

Can You Freeze Sparkling Water to Keep It Fresh Longer?

You can freeze sparkling water, but make sure you do it right so that it doesn’t burst. Additionally, freezing the water is quite likely to cause it to lose its fizziness. Thus, although freezing the water is doable, it is a lot of labor and it will probably not keep as fresh as it would usually.

Since sparkling water contains pressurized carbon dioxide, it expands when frozen. This implies that you cannot freeze it in its original container since it will explode. Freeze the water in ice cube trays or another freezer-safe container. But take careful not to overfill the container since the water will expand as it freezes.

Having said that, freezing your carbonated water has no genuine advantages. As you defrost it, the carbon dioxide will be forced out as it expands, resulting in flat sparkling water. When frozen, the flavor of the water should remain fresh, but losing the carbonation will undoubtedly make the drink taste less delicious.

When it comes to sparkling water, freezing it doesn’t make much sense. It is difficult and does not keep the water fresh. Moreover, sparkling water already keeps for a long time in the fridge, and odds are you’ll finish it before the quality degrades.

Final Thoughts

Sparkling water is a delightful drink that will keep for a very long time. Even if you discover an expired one at the back of your fridge, it is most likely perfectly safe to drink. The sole disadvantage of expired sparkling water is that it may lose some of its taste and carbonation.

Generally, sparkling water does not spoil, and you will most likely finish it before the quality begins to deteriorate. In any case, we hope this article has helped you better understand sparkling water and that you may enjoy it for a long time without worrying about it going bad.


Is it safe to drink expired sparkling water?

Carbonated soft drinks or sodas are not perishable and may be consumed beyond the expiration date marked on the bottle. Flavor and carbonation will fade over time.

How long can you keep sparkling water?

How Long Does Sparkling Water Keep Once It’s Been Opened? Sparkling water should be drank within three days after being opened and refrigerated. It may lose its carbonation with time, resulting in the anticipated bubbly feeling.

Does sparkling water actually expire?

When properly kept, unopened sparkling water will normally retain its optimum quality for approximately 12-18 months at room temperature, but it will probably remain safe to consume beyond that.

How long does sparkling water last past expiration date?

Unopened bottles of carbonated water may be kept in the refrigerator for up to three months beyond the expiry date, and the shelf life can be prolonged by storing it out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

What can I do with old sparkling water?

Rust Removal. Hair Care. Waffle Mix Booster. 7 different ways to utilize sparkling water
Cleaning Solution… Cloth Stain Remover… Facial Wash! … Plant Mineral Booster…. Pancake

Is it OK to drink expired Perrier water?

Despite the explanation for the expiry date is explained below, the FDA does not require an expiration date on bottled water and says it’s acceptable to consume bottled water beyond its expiration date if it’s been kept properly—unlike these things you shouldn’t eat past the expiration date.

Is it better to drink sparkling water or still water?

Nutritionists believe that carbonated water (which includes chemically carbonated seltzer water and naturally sparkling water) is just as hydrating as plain water, but tap water offers the extra advantage of fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Why do you have to refrigerate sparkling water?

More CO2 dissolved implies more bubbles. Cool temperatures cause the gas to dissolve as well. Thus the secret to keeping your opened seltzer bubbling is to keep it as cold as possible. Really, it’s rather easy.

Does sparkling water hydrate you?

Seltzer and sparkling water are exactly as hydrating as ordinary, flat water when made entirely of water. They are available in flavored and unflavored forms, however this has no bearing on how hydrated they are. So keep a look out for products that include added sugars and avoid them wherever feasible.

How long does sparkling last unopened?

How Long Can You Keep Unopened Sparkling Wine? Sparkling wines, like red wines, have a comparable shelf life and may normally be enjoyed for 2-3 years beyond their declared expiration date. Unopened, a good bottle of Champagne should last 3-4 years, with the quality increasing to 10 years.

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