Easy and fast tortilla microwave pizza

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Nowadays, because of the Covid 19 time, everyone enjoys experimenting with new dishes for their children at home.

Did you know that the holidays cause your children to acquire extra weight?

Because fast food has a lot of calories, which causes weight gain, which may lead to obesity.

But don’t worry, I told you about one of the greatest, kid-friendly, simple, and healthful dinners that will get your kids moving and help them maintain a healthy weight.

Yes, these wonderful tortilla microwave pizzas might be the next big thing in the pizza business.

These kid-friendly tortilla microwave pizzas are both healthful and simple to make.

This is something I make regularly, and it always disappears fast.

So, if you are looking for the greatest and most nutritious thing for kids, this is one of them that you can use and get positive outcomes from.

In this lesson, I will walk you through each step of the preparation and explain how this tasty pizza is better for your health.

Let’s get started on making the tortilla microwave pizza.


How to make a tasty kid-friendly tortilla microwave pizza?.

Easy and fast tortilla microwave pizza

Cooking tips.

Preparation timing: 5 minutes

Cook timing: 10 minutes

Total timing: 15 minutes

Yield- 1 pizza.


1 whole wheat tortilla


¼ cup of pizza sauce (pesto, marinara, garlic, and barbecue sauce)


1/3 cup of cheese topping


Toppings of your choice



1.Firstly preheat the oven to 425˚ F.


2.Choose a microwave safe-pan and baking sheet more considerably adequate to hold the 12-in tortilla.


3.After that, choose your favorite sauce and even spread it across the tortilla.


4.Then, add cheese layers followed by your preferred tortilla pizza toppings.


5.More so, place your pizza onto a baking sheet or pan and bake it for 10 minutes until the cheese has melted.


6.When the tortilla pizza starts to brown, then remove it from the microwave.


7.Lastly, let the pizza cool or then cut it into slices and serve this delicious pizza to your kids.


Recipe note.

The tortilla pizza flavoring is according to your preference, and you may select tomato sauce or go for a barbecue base.


I advised you to use the slices of mozzarella and grated cheddar so that any cheese works magnificently well.


A baking tray and cast iron skillet work correctly when cooking this pizza in the microwave.


Bake the pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.


Make certain to check out the list of ingredients appropriately.


Storage Tips.

This tortilla pizza is best eaten instantly, but if you do have leftovers, then it may be covered in foil and stored in the refrigerator for two days.


Before eating, you may then reheat it in the microwave for five minutes.


Some additional tips.

You may include a pinch of dried oregano on top of the cheese before cooking for extra flavor. Plus, You may sprinkle it with fresh chopped basil earlier than serving.


Include some number of additional flavors to pizza sauce by blending in some hot or BBQ sauce with passata.


Why must you try this healthy tortilla pizza recipe?.

Easy and fast tortilla microwave pizza

Fast and more accessible tortilla pizza.

This wonderful pizza takes just a few minutes to prepare, and all you need to do is add the sauce and toppings to make it delightful.


Each person may add their favorite toppings or anything they like.

Low in calories.

This kid-friendly pizza contains less calories than other pizzas, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Number one item in covid-19.

It is regarded as the most popular and appetizing food, particularly in covid-19.

So you should attempt this thing instead of other challenging products that are unhealthy to consume.


The nicest part about this tortilla pizza is how simple it is to make.

Even if there are several topping options, you should avoid overloading the pizzas since this will make them difficult to pick up.

A lot of toppings also means that the tortilla pizza will not cook evenly and will overcook.

As a result, go easy on the toppings, and here are a couple of our favorites.

I made pizza sauce using a couple passatas that had herbs or garlic in them.

If you want something quick, though, just add a couple tomato purees.

If you want to try something different, you may create quick pizza sauce or use the top quality barbecue sauce for pizza sauce.

Cheese: I used mozzarella or mature cheddar, but other cheeses like as feta, stilton, swiss, and parmesan all work nicely.

Vegetable: There are three different ways to add vegetables to these pizzas. I added a few cherry tomato slices for color, but you could also use chopped spinach, sweetcorn, and roasted red pepper.

Meat: There are several possibilities for adding meat. You may use sliced ham, shredded leftover meat, pepperoni, cooked sausage, shrimp, and bacon…

Nutritious facts.

Calories: 216


Fat: 10g


Carbs: 19g


Protein: 11g


Fiber: 2g


Surprising Health advantages of tortilla pizza.

There are several health benefits that make pizza more effective.

A healthy tortilla pizza is prepared with sauce.

The sauce on tortilla pizza is high in Vitamin C, which your body needs to defend itself from viruses.

The sauce will also boost your immunity while providing a great flavor.

A healthy tortilla pizza includes the nutritional ingredients.

When you use the right ingredients for your tortilla pizza, you will get several health benefits.

Furthermore, these all-natural substances keep your child’s body energetic and strong.

Healthy tortilla pizza promote blood circulation in the brain.

Spinach is widely used as a tortilla pizza topping since it is strong in folate.

This vitamin primarily promotes blood circulation in the brain.

Also, the milk in cheese contains serotonin boosters, which make the pizza healthier.

Tortilla pizza assists the body to absorb great lycopene.

Everyone knows that tomatoes contain more lycopene, an antioxidant component that assists in the prevention of sickness and disease.

Tortilla pizza is packed with protein.

One slice of tortilla pizza has over 15g of protein, which gives you additional energy, thanks to the delicious cheese.

It also contributes in the development of strong muscles and the mending of cells in the body.

What to serve with this crispy and kid-friendly tortilla pizza?

You may serve this tortilla pizza in whatever way you choose.

Serve your nutritious and delectable tortilla pizza for kids with a salad or a simple side:.

Antipasto salad


Easy Italian chopped salad


Air fryer Broccoli


Chickpea salad with feta


Arugula Parmesan salad


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is tortilla pizza more healthy?.

Yes, since it has fresh veggies and cheese, it is healthful.

It is high in vitamins and provides vitality to the body.

These pizzas are wonderful since they are low in calories and high in nutrients.

How many periods will it take to prepare entirely?.

It might take up to 15 minutes, depending on your microwave and the toppings you choose.

Can you prepare this tasty pizza in advance?.

Yes, you can make this healthy pizza ahead of time and store it in the fridge until ready to cook.

What is the most excellent and perfect sauce for tortilla pizza?.

The most popular sauces are tomato and barbecue sauce, which complement the tortilla pizza excellently.

Are these tortilla pizzas gluten-free and vegan?.

As long as you use gluten-free tortilla wraps and avoid cross-contamination, you can make the pizza gluten-free.

Furthermore, if you use the starting cheese and make sure the tortilla wrap is vegan as well, it may be vegan.

Can you prepare this delicious kids’ pizza in the air fryer?.

Yes, you may prepare this in an air drier at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes.

Normally, tomato toppings or cheese are used for this; otherwise, it would be heavier.

What kind of other topping may you utilize?.

The best thing about making your own pizza is that you can use any toppings you want.

You may also add cooked ground beef and fried shredded chicken.

Final words.

Overall, these tortilla pizzas are not only low in carbohydrates but also quite simple to prepare.

It is a more nutritious and wholesome supper for your children.

So it’s your favorite and a simpler meal that you really appreciate.

I hope you like this recipe and understand each step.

You will undoubtedly be more delighted if you attempt this safe and nutritious dish for your children.

As a result, it is true that Tortilla pizza is not only quick but also simple to prepare.

Without further ado, try this dish and get new experience.

You will be happy if your children like this dish. Good luck with your cooking.


Can you make pizza with microwave?

Yes, the answer is yes! Making pizza with microwave ovens is a simple process.

Can I cook mini pizzas in the microwave?

Full power microwave: 800W 3 minutes on high heat, 1 minute on stand Full power microwave: 900W 3 minutes on high heat, 1 minute on stand Before serving, make sure the pizza is heated all the way through and the cheese has melted. Please remember not to microwave more than one pizza at a time.

How do you make a soft pizza crust in the microwave?

Heat the pizza crust with some cheese on it.

Microwaving your pizza for 10 to 15 seconds with some cheese on the crust will help soften the crust. In the microwave, the cheese melts and gives the crust a beautiful, soft feel.

Can you microwave pizza crust?

Approximately 2 minutes. The dough should color and crisp as a result of this. If you want it extremely crispy, cook it for another 15-30 seconds. When the pizza dough is done, take it from the microwave toaster and lay it on a plate or parchment paper.1 minute in the microwave

Does microwaving pizza with water work?

Simply put the pizza on a dish, microwave it, and add a cup or glass of water. Cook it on high for 30 seconds (or longer, depending on your microwave) and it will be perfectly done. The cup of water keeps the foundation crisp while also enabling the cheese to melt.

Can you make frozen pizza in microwave?

First and foremost, there is no need to thaw the pizza. Simply set it on a microwave-safe dish and heat it up. For an entire pizza, microwave for around 5-7 minutes. You may use a microwave crisper if you want a crispy crust over a mushy crust.

How long do microwave pizzas take?

Full power microwave: 800W 3 minutes on high heat, 1 minute on stand. Full power microwave: 900W 3 minutes on high heat, 1 minute on stand. Before serving, make sure the pizza is heated all the way through and the cheese has melted. Please remember not to microwave more than one pizza at a time.

Which mode is best for pizza in microwave?

Preheat the microwave oven to 180°C in convection mode. Gently lay the uncooked pizza foundation in a metal pan or magic tawa. With a fork, dock it. Gently fold the edges to help retain the sauce and toppings in place.

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