How to cook microwave scalloped potatoes

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Potatoes are the most widely accessible edible tuber all year.

They are inexpensive to grow, high in nutrients, and have the potential to provide a delightful delicacy.

Some people feel it difficult to prepare microwave scalloped potatoes, but believe me when I say it is simpler and more wonderful.

You could get your desire quickly, particularly if you cook in the microwave.

If you are seeking for this microwave scalloped potatoes creating a recipe, I will assist you by providing quick advice.

An easy and fast method.

How to cook microwave scalloped potatoes

Serves: 4-6.


3 tbsp margarine


2 cups milk


3 tbsp butter


2 tbsp flour


1⁄4 tbsp pepper


1 tbsp salt


One small onion, sliced


4 to 6 medium potatoes, sliced


.Preparation method.

1.First of all, put margarine (or butter) into your more giant bowl, then microwave it on higher for 1 minute, or until softened.


2.Mix in flour, pepper, and salt. Slowly mix in milk.


3.Microwave it on higher for 8 to 10 minutes at least, and mix later than four minutes.


4.Microwave it on higher for 8 to 10 minutes at least, and mix later than four minutes.


5.Layer half your potatoes or onion in a greased dish and top with half with ready sauce then set the mixture for one to two minutes.


6.After that, cover or microwave it on high for twenty minutes, or until completed. (Cooking times would be based on your microwave’s power; I think my microwave has the power of a 1,200-watt range, and twenty minutes typically works very well for us).


.Selecting potatoes.

For your microwave scalloped potatoes dish, use fresh and pure potatoes.

There are many different types of potatoes to choose from, including sweet potatoes.

Furthermore, there are yellow, red, white, and blue types, as well as a number of selections in each hue.

Roasting, baking, or mashing: Utilise wide-ranging potatoes, like Yukon gold.


Baking: Utilise starchy potatoes, like russets.


Potato salad: Waxy potatoes, like new, red, or fingerling potatoes, maintain their shape superior.


.Select potatoes that are firm, unbruised, and relatively soft and spherical.

Avoid those that exhibit signs of decomposition, such as roots, damp or dehydrated rot, or potatoes with a greenish hue.

To avoid bacterial accumulation, it is best to buy potatoes that have not been packaged or washed.

Washing your potatoes early removes the protective outer layer of the skin.

Nutrition Facts.

How to cook microwave scalloped potatoes

Amount Per Single Serving.

Calories: 134.75 Kcal (564 kJ)


Cholesterol: 17.78mg


Total Fat: 5.62g


Sodium: 172.52mg


Total Carbs: 14.96g


Potassium: 279.71mg


Calcium: 167.9mg


Sugars: 4.09g


Vitamin C: 1.6mg


Protein: 6.19g


Iron: 0.8mg


.Different nutrients are provided by scalloped potatoes..

Potatoes also include choline, niacin, and zinc, and different types have somewhat different nutrients, such as those listed below:

Sodium: Whole, unprocessed potatoes have relatively little sodium, about ten mg per 100 g (3.5 ounces), or less than 1% of the recommended daily limit.

However, this is not appropriate for processed potato goods such as potato chips or french fries.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA): Potatoes contain ALA (alpha-lipoic acid), which helps the body convert glucose into energy.

According to certain research and studies, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) may help regulate blood glucose levels, protect against retinopathy in diabetic individuals, improve vasodilation, and maintain brain and nerve tissue.

Quercetin: Quercetin is a flavonoid found in potato skin that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that protect your body’s cells from free radical damage.

Flavonoids: Flavonoids are phytonutrients or chemical substances that are thought to help defend against illness.

Antioxidants: Potatoes include vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant and may help to prevent cell damage and cancer, as well as promote cardiovascular function and good digestion.

Fiber: The fiber in potatoes helps to maintain a healthy circulatory and digestive system.

What makes microwave scalloped potatoes more healthy?.

Even when cooked, potatoes have vital nutrients that may benefit human health in a number of ways.

Bone healthiness.

Potatoes include phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, all of which help the body build and maintain bone health, structure, and strength.

Zinc and iron are essential for the formation and maturation of collagen, while calcium and phosphorus are important for bone structure.

As a result, potatoes are quite beneficial in strengthening your bones.

Heart healthiness.

The potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6 content of potatoes, as well as their absence of cholesterol, all improve heart health.

Potatoes have a lot of fiber, which helps to lower the total amount of cholesterol in your blood, lowering the risk of heart disease.


Choline is a vital and flexible vitamin found in potatoes that primarily aids in muscular movement, learning, mood, and memory.

Also, it aids in:

Transmitting nerve impulse


Preserving the structure of cellular membrane


Early brain progress


The assimilation of fat


.One large potato has 57 mg of choline, and adult males need 550 mg per day, while women require 425 mg.

Blood pressure.

A decreased salt consumption is required to maintain a healthy blood pressure; yet, increasing potassium intake might be just as important.

Potassium promotes blood vessel widening, often known as vasodilation.

The potato, which has been shown to naturally lower blood pressure, contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


Folate is found in potatoes and plays an important function in DNA synthesis and restoration.

As a result, it aids in the prevention of a wide range of cancer cells from forming as a result of a mutation in your DNA.

Fiber is mostly found in potatoes, and eating fruits and vegetables like potatoes has been linked to a lower risk of colon cancer.

Quercetin and Vitamin C are antioxidants that primarily aid in the defense of cells against free radical damage.

Digestion or regularity

Potato fiber helps to prevent constipation and promotes promptness for a healthy and strong digestive system.

Weight managing or satiety.

Dietary fiber is widely acknowledged as an important role in weight reduction and weight management.

Dietary fiber acts as a bulking agent in your digestive tract, increasing fullness and decreasing appetite.

As a result, a person feels fuller throughout the day and is less prone to consume more calories.


Because potatoes are the richest source of vitamin B6, they play an important role in energy metabolism by converting carbs or proteins into amino acids or glucose.

These less powerful chemicals are more easily used for power in your body.


Potatoes provide the major skin support system while also providing vitamins.

Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant, assisting in the prevention of damage caused by toxic waste, the sun, and smoking.

Furthermore, Vitamin C helps to soften collagen wrinkles and improves overall skin consistency.


According to research, vitamin C found in a balanced diet and potatoes may help to reduce the intensity and duration of a cold.

Potatoes are the richest source of vitamin C and help to strengthen the immune system.

Because of the high quantity of minerals and vitamins that give robust immunity, people predominantly eat potato meals.

Frequently Asked Questions.

May you heat scalloped potatoes again in your microwave or not?.

Each piece of scalloped potatoes may be reheated in the oven at 300-325 F for almost 25 to 30 minutes or in the microwave at 50 percent power for 3 to 5 minutes.

Even if the oven approach produces wonderful results but takes a long time, the microwave method is easier and quicker.

Can you create scalloped potatoes in advance or then reheat them?.

The recipe for ahead of time microwave Scalloped Potatoes is:.

Cook the scalloped potatoes as directed, then set aside to cool, carefully wrapped in foil.

Refrigerate for up to three days; when ready to serve, cook covered in foil at about 350 F until cooked all the way through, about thirty minutes.

Why will not my scalloped potatoes properly cook after all the steps?.

Your scalloped potatoes will not get softer if you use a lot of sour cream or incorporate anything acidic.

You may bake the scalloped potatoes with milk or heavy cream to soften them before adding sour cream.

Final words.

It is possible to conclude that scalloped cooking potatoes are simple, uncomplicated, and quicker to prepare in the microwave.

As a result of its quality and convenience, I always choose to prepare this meal in the microwave.

When you make this meal for your loved ones, they will be happier.

You may cook this dish and when your visitors arrive, they will ask you for the recipe since it is delicious.

So, without further ado, try this recipe by following all of the stages.

I am certain that you will like this dish when you create it by hand and it comes out to be wonderful.

Happy and safe cooking!



Can you cook Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes in the microwave?

In a 3-quart round microwaveable casserole dish, combine 3 cups milk, 1 tablespoon butter, and the potatoes. 2. MICROWAVE uncovered on HIGH for 15 to 20 minutes, or until soft (sauce will thicken).2 3 STIR Sauce Mix, 4 cups hot water

Can I microwave Idahoan scalloped potatoes?

Microwave for 5 minutes on high (microwaves vary). 1100 watt microwave recommended) or until potatoes are soft. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes before serving. Caution: The dish and potatoes in the microwave will be quite hot, and there will be vapor present.

Should you cover potatoes when cooking in microwave?

Simply add a handful of potatoes (four should do depending on the number of people you’re cooking for) in a microwaveable dish, cover, and microwave for around 10 minutes on full power.

Do you need to add water when microwaving potatoes?

You may microwave potatoes without adding any extra water. Simply throw them in the microwave and get started. This has a significant advantage: the potatoes do not get moister than they were to begin with. They will just slightly dry out.

What is a disadvantage to cooking a baked potato in the microwave?

For starters, microwaves heat food unevenly, so some areas of the potato may quickly reach 205 degrees while others barely reach 180 degrees. Second, fast boiling a potato creates pressure and causes cell walls to shatter, releasing starch molecules that bind the damaged cell walls together.

Why does my baked potato get hard in the microwave?

Why do microwave potatoes get hard? Overcooked potatoes become dry and hard in the microwave because they lose too much moisture and become dry and hard.

How do you microwave Idahoan cheesy scalloped potatoes?

2 quart casserole dish that can be microwaved. Microwave for 10 minutes* on high, or until potatoes are cooked. Mix in the milk and sauce mix well. Microwave for 5 minutes* on high, or until potatoes are cooked.Microwave instructions: In a 1 12 cup measuring cup, combine potato pieces, water, and margarine.

Can you microwave Idahoan au gratin?

Microwave for 5 minutes on high (microwaves vary). 1100 watt microwave recommended) or until potatoes are soft. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes before serving. Caution: The dish and potatoes in the microwave will be quite hot, and there will be vapor present.

How do you make boxed scalloped potatoes taste better?

Increase the flavor

A few sliced mushrooms and some dry chopped onion give simple scalloped potatoes more flavor and depth. To save time chopping, use dried chopped onion for the shallots in this recipe for Potato and Mushroom Gratin.

Why do you poke holes in potatoes before microwaving?

Remember to Poke!

These little pores enable steam to escape while the potato cooks. If you forget to poke, your potato may explode in your microwave because to trapped steam.

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