Is it possible to microwave coffee in a Yeti Mug?

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Are you the kind of person who takes a drink or two of coffee in the morning and then promptly forgets about it? Of course, you subsequently find your nice Yeti cup, but the liquid has already cooled. You weren’t planning on having an iced latte, so you start wondering, can I microwave coffee in a Yeti mug?

So, is it possible to microwave coffee in a Yeti mug? No, coffee should not be microwaved in a Yeti mug. In a nutshell, experts advise against using stainless steel in a microwave. In the worst-case scenario, the mug will blow up. Moreover, since microwave heat cannot permeate metal, reheating your coffee in another cup is significantly more efficient.

Not content with our succinct response? So let’s go more into the subject.

Is it OK to Microwave Coffee in a Yeti Mug?

Yeti mugs are robust, and its primary purpose is to keep the contents cold or hot while protecting your hands.

There are several videos on the Internet of people placing these mugs in their microwaves to see what happens. Since the majority of the studies are successful, you might argue that microwaving a Yeti mug is safe.

But it doesn’t mean you should do it (maybe the bad trials never made it to the Internet, who knows?). There are just too many potential pitfalls.

We need to know what this drinkware is constructed of in order to understand the physics underlying the procedure.

It is made of 8 stainless steel and features a double-wall vacuum insulation. The tumbler also has a cover, which makes it easier to use (important fact: the lid features a magnet component). Yeti takes great pleasure in the design of its well-known mugs. The drinkware is composed of 18-karat gold.

A notice on the official Yeti website states that the mug should not be placed over an open flame or an external heat source. But, there is no information on the microwave, which brought us here today.

But, since the Yeti mug is constructed of stainless steel and has two walls, you should avoid using it in the microwave.

If you attempt to reheat the cup for a minute or so, odds are nothing will happen. Nonetheless, there is always the risk of a calamity occurring.

Is it Safe to Microwave Coffee in a Yeti Mug?

The simple answer is no.

To go the additional mile, let’s see what happens in the microwave to stainless steel and a double-walled object. Not to mention the magnetic lid that comes included with your Yeti cup.

Safety Risk #1: Stainless Steel

The sole thing that distinguishes stainless steel from other metals is that it is coated with a coating of chromium oxide, which prevents corrosion and oxidation. This cover effectively prevents the coffee in your Yeti mug from warming up in the microwave.

The liquid will get hotter if the lid is left open because it will receive heat from the open top (not through the walls).

If the cup makes touch with the walls, the real drama begins. Arcing will occur between the microwave’s metal walls and the Yeti cup, which has the potential to cause a fire. There will be visible sparks and a crackling sounds.

As an electric current runs from one conductive point to another, arcing occurs. It has the potential to inflict catastrophic damage and injuries. Since most metals reflect microwave radiation, they may alter the pathways of the equipment and produce arcing.

Also, heating stainless steel might shorten the life of the microwave magnetron tube.

Safety Risk #2: Double-walled Items

This is the kind of danger that may not be evident. We all know that metals aren’t buddies with microwaves, so what’s the big deal with double walls?

When placed in a microwave, any container with double-walled insulation may become exceedingly hazardous. The real insulating material may begin to expand due to the heat, causing the pressure to rise and the mug to possibly explode.

Safety Risk #3: Magnetic Lids

The kitchen appliance already contains a magnetron that generates a magnetic field, so adding another magnet won’t hurt, right?

No, not exactly. A ceramic magnet might suffice, however in the case of Yeti mugs, metal magnets are almost certainly used. The microwave’s radiation will very certainly overheat it and destroy it.

How Long to Microwave Coffee in a Yeti Mug?

We’ve already discovered that heating a stainless-steel cup in the microwave is not a good idea. Yet, if you did that, how long would it take for your coffee to warm up again?

Microwaving for more than one minute is not a good idea. And, just in case, keep your coffee in there for even less time.

Arcing may occur in a matter of seconds in certain cases. And the longer you keep the Yeti mug in the microwave, the more likely the mug or microwave may be damaged.

Plus, the stainless steel will keep your drink from heating up, so why take the risk?

Tips for Microwaving Coffee in a Yeti Mug

The most important piece of advice is to never microwave coffee in a Yeti mug. Pour some boiling water into your tumbler, wait a few minutes before pouring it out, and then add your hot coffee to the cup to keep it warm for longer.

But if you’re the unstoppable kind, here are a few simple recommendations.

  • Remove the magnetic lid. Theoretically, this will make the whole process a little safer. Moreover, you won’t end up damaging the magnet and the content of the mug will heat up a little from the top.
  • Microwave the coffee for about a minute. The shorter the session, the lower the risk that something would happen. But please do remember that arcing can happen even in the first few seconds. Talking of which…
  • Make sure thatyour Yeti cup is not touching the microwave’s walls. Because of this contact, arcing might start, and this can result in a fire or an explosion.
  • Be careful when taking the tumbler out of the microwave. Excessive heating may damage the container and make it very hot. So don’t burn yourself.

Final Thoughts

Simply said, do not microwave coffee in a Yeti mug. Because of its two walls, the stainless-steel tumbler may induce arcing, catch fire, or even explode.

Additionally, the Yeti cup may cause microwave damage and vice versa. And you don’t want that to happen to your pricey cup or kitchen gadget, do you?

Moreover, this drinkware keeps beverages hot for an extended period of time, particularly if the lid is used, so it is safer to attempt to get the most of what the design has to offer.

If you still want to microwave your coffee in a Yeti cup, remember to follow the guidelines we provided above. And here’s our last one before we say good-by.

Pour your coffee into a safe cookware and heat it on the burner. This is the only method to keep the scent of the drink!

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