Magical recipe for microwave steamed egg

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Eggs are an important item that is also recognized as a superfood.

The eggs are high in nutrients, and they are even more tasty when steamed in the microwave.

This Microwave Steamed Egg is a quicker and easier way to enjoy your meal.

This kind of steamed egg is common in Korean or Chinese restaurants, and everyone enjoys it.

I have tried it at home, and when you get more than one taste, it’s fantastic.

Also, I love to eat microwaved steamed eggs.

It is more healthy, delectable, and effortless.

So, the next time you cook supper, try this microwave steamed egg; I am certain you will like it.

Significant tips for cooking Microwave Steamed Eggs.

Microwave on half power: Although you may need to consult your owner’s handbook to learn how to set your microwave to half power, it is the best alternative.

If you cook the eggs in the microwave on full power rather than half power, they will steam too quickly.

Make careful to thoroughly combine the eggs: You want the chicken broth or egg to be well combined before placing it in the microwave.

Put salt properly: Some individuals use a lot of salt, but you have to be careful.

Because your steamed eggs are quite sensitive to salt, I will make it with very little quantities of salt at first.

Cooking Tips.

Magical recipe for microwave steamed egg

Prep timing:- 2 minutes


Cooking timing:- 7 minutes




.Microwave safe container (bowl).


Two eggs


3/4 cup Chicken broth


1/8 tablespoon salt



1.Firstly get all Ingredients.


2.Then add a single egg to a microwave-safe bowl and mix it up properly.


3.After that, add a single cup of chicken broth to the egg or then again mix up. Include your 1/16 tablespoon of salt, and then blend it.


4.Place a paper towel on the top of your microwave-safe bowl and place it in the microwave.


5.Then turn your microwave and microwave at half power for seven minutes.


6.If you desire to include green onion on the top, feel free to decorate it.


.Why are microwaves more advantageous to steam eggs?

.Retain additional nutrients: .

Whether you microwave, bake, or fried your eggs, you may lose some nutrients when you steam them.

The best cooking technique for nutrient preservation, on the other hand, comprises boiling steamed eggs for a shorter period and using as little water as feasible.

When you microwave eggs for a few minutes, the nutrients are preserved.

No management necessary: .

You can often microwave eggs; just set the timer and go away to do anything else until your eggs are cooked.

However, if you are cooking food on the stove, especially if you are steaming eggs, it is not always a smart idea to walk away.

If you do, you could go back to over-crispies instead of over-easies.

Secure energy: .

Microwaves use less energy than traditional ovens or stoves for a variety of reasons.

To begin, a microwave uses between 600 to 1,650 watts, but an oven uses approximately 3,000 watts.

Second, microwaves send around 50% to 60% of their power to eggs, while ovens direct just 12% to 14% of their power to eggs.

Save time:.

When you steam eggs in the microwave, you save a lot of time since it is a quicker and simpler technique of steaming or cooking.

What to serve with microwave steam eggs.

Steamed egg with beef or broccoli: If you have any Chinese cuisine at home, a steamed egg is a must-have.

It is the perfect combination..

Korean BBQ: I also like steaming eggs and Korean BBQ together.

Nikujaga: A sweet or spicy Japanese beef or potato stew served with a warm cooked egg.

Nutritious facts per serving.

Calories: 82.91kcal


Total fat: 5.02 g


Carbs: 1.92 g


Sugars: 1.01 g


Protein: 7.27 g


Fiber: 0.37 g


.Healthy advantages of microwave steamed eggs..

Eggs offer outstanding quality protein..

Eggs are often regarded as a good source of high-quality protein.

Protein is the building block of life, required for the strength and regeneration of muscle or tissue, and a single egg contains around 6.3 grams of protein.

The main advantage of egg protein is that it contains all nine essential amino acids in enough proportions to enable effective muscle building, recuperation, and preservation.

Eggs get better levels of Good Cholesterol..

These cooked eggs will drastically lower your cholesterol levels.

Eggs deliver a great source of Vitamin D..

Egg yolk is one of just a few foods that naturally contain vitamin D.

A meal of two eggs contains 82 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, making them a crucial source of this important vitamin.

Vitamin D, often known as the sunshine vitamin, plays an important function in the digestion of phosphorus or calcium, making it required to keep muscular bones or teeth.

Vitamin D also helps to maintain robust muscular function and the immune system.

Eggs are the most excellent nutritional source of Choline..

Choline is an important vitamin produced by the liver.

On the other hand, since most people do not synthesize enough choline to satisfy their daily needs, it must be obtained via the foods that they eat.

Choline is required for normal cell functioning in the same way as B vitamins are.

It aids in the development of the spinal cord or brain during pregnancy, cognitive improvement in babies, and the reduction of cognitive decline in old life.

Furthermore, eggs are a strong source of choline, providing more than twice the amount of choline per 100g than any other commonly consumed item.

It produces eggs, which are a very effective and simple way to satisfy your daily nutritional requirements.

Eggs are the best source of Omega-3s..

Omega-3s are specific types of polyunsaturated fatty acids and a family of essential fats that play an important part in the function of your cell membrane.

When your body produces a significant quantity of Omega-3s on its own, it is helpful to consume them via a range of dietary sources such as eggs.


How greatly time does it take to steam eggs in your powerful microwave?.

First and foremost, correctly Microwave at 500 watts, covered with a microwave-safe plate.

The eggs have set and are no longer wet in the centre, which takes no more than five to seven minutes.

How do I microwave a steamed egg without no exploding?.

Sprinkle a grain of salt into the bottom of the container (salt attracts microwave power and assists in uniform egg frying).

Crack or smash 1 or 2 eggs into your container.

Then, using a fork, poke the whites or yolks 4 to 5 times to the bottom of the container (piercing is necessary to prevent the eggs from bursting when steaming).

Can you keep cold steamed eggs?.

Steamed eggs and egg dishes may be kept for later use, but must be thoroughly warmed to 165 F before serving.

Never keep steamed eggs or egg dishes out of the fridge for more than two hours, or for more than one hour when temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are steaming eggs safe to cook in the microwave?.

Yes, it is safe to steam eggs in the microwave, whether you want to scramble, scramble, or fry them.

Microwaved eggs may sometimes taste even better and more tasty than stovetop or oven eggs.

Are microwave steamed eggs healthy to consume?.

Microwaved eggs are more muscular, if not more so, than cooked eggs in the oven.

It is determined by how long you steam them and with what you steam them.

When cooked at the proper temperature, you may get the most out of an egg’s nutrients.

What do you require to keep in mind to do if you require to microwave an entire egg?.

To begin, heating up some water in a microwave dish.

Then place the eggs in the heated water alone, cover with a microwave-safe lid, and cook for 3 minutes on 50% power.

Allow the egg to remain for a single minute before peeling it to acquire a runny yolk.

Final words

No matter how you boil or steam them, eggs are magnificent gifts from Mother Nature.

But it’s important to know that you can safely boil eggs in the microwave and quickly offer customers fresh, healthier meals.

It’s also fun to look through this recipe, and microwaving eggs is something you should try.

When you attempt this dish, you will be quite happy, and you will also get nutritional or health advantages.

This miraculous recipe will make your meal or breakfast more delightful.


How to make Chawanmushi in microwave?

In the Anyday Small Dish, whisk together the eggs, soy sauce, and agave or sugar. Make sure the eggs are well beaten, since this will aid in the smoothness of the custard.
Cover with the lid (knob raised) and cook on Power Level 5 in the microwave.
Serve with chopped or crumbled gim and sesame seeds on top.

How long do you cook eggs in a microwave egg cooker?

Wrap the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving a tiny opening for ventilation.
Microwave for 40 seconds on high (100% power) and let stand for 30 seconds before removing the plastic wrap to produce a hard cooked egg.
Microwave soft boiled eggs for 30 seconds on high (100% power) or 50 seconds on medium (50% power).

How to cook steam egg Chinese style?

Step 1: Chop the scallions. Go straight to the details.
Step 2: Bring water to a boil in the wok. Go straight to the details.
Step 3: Begin combining the eggs. ↑ Let’s go into the specifics.
Step 4: Prepare warm water and combine it with the eggs.
Step 5: Begin heating the eggs.
Step 6: Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and wait.
Step 7: Finish with garnishes and spices.
Step 8: Remove the bowl from the wok.

How do you microwave Lucas Sin steamed eggs?

Heat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds at 80% power in a 700W microwave. Check the custard’s consistency. The egg should be barely set and readily jiggled. If not, continue to microwave in 30-second intervals until the egg is just set and the color and texture of melted butter.

Can you steam hard-boiled eggs in the microwave?

Yes, eggs can be hardboiled in the microwave. This procedure is simple and fast.

What is the best microwave egg cooker hard-boiled eggs?

Cuisinart Egg Central at Amazon is the best overall choice.
Amazon’s Best Large-Capacity: Bear Electric Egg Cooker.
Chef’sChoice Gourmet Egg Cooker from Amazon is the best splurge.
Nordic Ware Egg Boiler at Amazon is the best microwaveable.
Amazon has the best price for the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker.
Dash Deluxe Egg Bite Maker at Amazon is the best egg bite maker.

Are microwave egg cookers good?

Cooking thoroughly

Microwave cookers can consistently provide nicely cooked eggs. Moreover, unlike pan-cooked eggs, no matter how many eggs you create, they will all look the same. You don’t have to be concerned about undercooked or overdone eggs.

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