Microwave Oatmeal Cookie

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How To Prepare The Best Mouth-Watering Oatmeal Cookies

Microwave Oatmeal Cookie

.This microwaved cookie is ideal for a fast snack.

This cookie takes about five minutes to prepare and serves one.

So you wont end up with leftovers.

.Furthermore, it is whole grain, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.

It is suitable for everyone (depending on the flour used; only use certified gluten-free components).

.Recipe for some delicious cookies:

.Heres a quick guide for the following:


1.Oats: Since you’ll just “cook” the cookie for a few minutes, you’ll use quick oats. Although old fashioned oats may make the cookie too chewy, you can use them by pulsing them in a little food processor. This cookie will not work with steel cut oats or instant oatmeal packets.


2.Flour:Brown rice flour or almond flour were used in the images, but I usually use white whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour. Brown rice, all-purpose, whole wheat, and almond flour are all acceptable flours.


3.(Sodium bicarbonate): Baking powder season’s Microwave Oatmeal Cookie with a classic cookie flavour while also enabling it to rise. When buying baking powder, look for one that is devoid of aluminium.


4.Sucrose (brown sugar):Sugar is required in every cookie. You can also enjoy the additional depth of taste that brown sugar provides. In this recipe, you can use either light or dark brown sugar.


5.Cinnamon:Use ground cinnamon instead of whole cinnamon. People who enjoy cinnamon usually add roughly 1/8 tsp! However, a small dash will suffice. If you don’t want to use cinnamon, simply leave it out.


6.Sauce made with apples: This microwave oatmeal cookie recipe works best with apple sauce that hasn’t been sweetened; otherwise, your cookie may be too sweet.


7.Vanilla extract: In all cookies, the- vanilla extract should be used. It gives a depth of flavour that is unrivalled. Instead of using fake vanilla extract, use real vanilla extract.


8.Toppings:Some people love chocolate chips in this cookie, but if raisins or chopped nuts are more your style, go for it. Alternatively, you can just eat the oatmeal cookie plain. Sprinkle a modest amount of sea salt or kosher salt on top to add a sweet-salty note to the dish.


1.In a bowl, combine the oats, flour, baking powder, brown sugar, and cinnamon.


2.Mix well.


3.Add apple sauce, stirring to combine.


4.Pour in the vanilla extract.




6.Add chocolate chips to the bowl, and stir well.


7.Apply a thin layer of oil to a microwave-safe plate or bowl. Press the cookie onto the plate.


8.Heat in the microwave oven. Enjoy!



.Ingredient Options

.Sugar: Any sugar will suffice.

Use granulated sugar, light or dark brown sugar, or both.

Maple syrup may be substituted for the applesauce, although a tiny decrease in the applesauce keeps the cookies from becoming too mushy.

.Flour: Any flour can be used.

You may need to add more flour or apple sauce than recommended for depending on the firmness of the cookie, but anything you use will work.

Other possible components include chocolate chips, almonds, raisins, or any other filling of your preference.

1 tbsp each cookie. You may use any number between 1 and

Oatmeal cookies may be made simpler by omitting the cinnamon.

.What kind of oats do you use while making oatmeal cookies?

.You may make oatmeal cookies using either fast or old-fashioned oats.

Old-fashioned oats offer a chewier texture, while fast oats may be used if you only want the oatmeal flavor without the chew and texture.

What You Should Know to Create an Allergy-Friendly Environment:.

Depending on the flour and oats used, this microwave oatmeal cookie is vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

What to Do If You Make a Mistake

Add a pinch of flour or oats if the cookie mixture is too moist.

As you stir, slowly add a small amount.

You may add apple sauce or water to make the dough wet.

Begin with tiny dosages and gradually increase as required.

Prepare ahead of time- It is not required to prepare something ahead of time since it just takes 5 minutes.

.Ideas for Storage

.Because this cookie only feeds one person, you won’t need to keep it.

If preferred, keep in an airtight bag or container in the refrigerator.

Warm up in the microwave for a few seconds if desired.

Serving Suggestions for Microwave Oatmeal Cookie:

This may be eaten after dinner since cookies are often provided as a dessert.

If you’re enjoying it as a snack or for breakfast, I suggest adding some protein to keep you full and happy.

High-protein snacks like a spoonful of nut butter, a hard-boiled egg, or a dish of avocado egg salad would go well with this cookie.

Health Benefits

.Oats provide numerous health advantages.

They are one among the world’s healthiest grains.

When compared to other grains, oats are rich in carbs, fiber, and protein but low in fat and protein.

They include a lot of vitamins and minerals.

1.Aids in weight management: Oatmeal can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer than other foods. Oatmeal’s fibre content can also help the digestive system.


2.Protects your skin: You’ll probably find oats in some of your lotions or face creams if you look attentively at the labels. The blandness of oats creates an obstacle that allows the skin to retain moisture, while the stringy husk of the oat acts as a gentle exfoliation.


3.Athletic accomplishments: Oatmeal is a wonderful source of carbs and protein, as well as calories and energy. When consumed around 1 hour before moderate-intensity exercise, oats have been found in scientific research to improve metabolism and performance.


4.It aids in sleep:Melatonin and complex carbs included in oats can assist more tryptophan to enter the brain and aid sleep.


5.Asthma risks are being reduced: Asthma is a prevalent ailment that usually begins in childhood. There is some evidence that certain meals may increase the risk of having asthma, while others may decrease the risk.


6.Constipation is avoided: Oats are high in soluble and insoluble fibre, which aids in bowel movement regulation and so reduces constipation.


7.Immunity against illness is improved:In other words, the superior fibre beta-glucan present in oats encourages neutrophils to go faster to areas of contamination and increases their ability to eradicate the pathogens they encounter.


8.Magnesium is abundant in this food:Oats are also high in magnesium, which aids in the prevention by relaxing blood vessels, aiding the heart muscle, and managing blood pressure, it reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It also aids in the relief of headaches.


Final thoughts

A cookie that can be made in less than 5 minutes and does not need the use of an oven?

Please add me to the list!

This microwave oatmeal biscuit is simple, fast, and can be prepared completely from cupboard ingredients.


.Yes, you certainly can!

To be honest, it lacks the feel of a baked cookie prepared with butter, flour, sugar, and eggs.

However, it is wonderful and fulfilling when you need a fast dessert.

.What’s the point of making oatmeal cookies in the microwave?

1.The oatmeal cookies may be made in a short amount of time. Nothing is worse than wanting a warm Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie but having- to wait 30 minutes to taste one because you made them the usual way!


2.You don’t have to be concerned about the cookies spreading too much or too little, or sticking to the baking sheet.


3.This method solves all of the major cookie baking issues!


4.A considerably smaller batch can readily be made. Many mug cookie recipes only create one or two cookies, but this one makes six. I often want a cookie but don’t require 3 dozen and don’t want to hassle with shaping and freezing the dough for later use. This way, there are a lot fewer possible calorie binges and a lot fewer wasted ingredients!


The oatmeal cookie dough may be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days if you wish to make one cookie at a time rather than all six at once.

These cookies cannot be preserved after baking since they must be eaten almost immediately after being microwaved, but the dough may be refrigerated and microwaved one at a time over a few days.

.You may make a few modifications to make your oatmeal cookies healthier while still enjoying a great treat.

1.The more flour you replace, the more flavour and texture you’ll notice.


2.Dark chocolate chips can be substituted for semi-sweet chocolate chips. Alternatively, omit the chocolate entirely and replace it with raisins or other dried fruit. Dried cherries, I believe, would taste fantastic. Even better, cherries and chocolate chips together!


3.To provide texture and a nutritious boost, mix in some coconut or nuts.


4.You can also include a pinch of cinnamon in the batter! Not only does cinnamon bring flavour, but it’s also a very healthy spice with numerous health advantages!



Can you microwave cookies instead of baking them?

When you have a need for sweet, chewy, handmade cookies, there is no turning back. But there are instances when you don’t want to make a complete batch of cookies and then wait for them to bake in the oven. This is when the microwave comes in handy! You may create a single cookie or an entire batch in the microwave.

Is microwaving oatmeal healthy?

There’s nothing wrong with microwaving oatmeal in the morning, particularly if you’re in a hurry. If you avoid flavoured or sweetened varieties, instant porridge is good. Even healthy-sounding flavors like apple and blueberry often have additional sugars.

Can you make a cookie in the microwave from cookie dough?

When you microwave a frozen cookie ball for 30 seconds, you get an ACTUAL cookie that is wonderfully soft and gooey with a little crispiness around the edge. It makes no difference what sort of cookie dough it is! Any form of frozen cookie dough may be microwaved to produce a genuine cookie.

Can you cook oats in the microwave?

2–2 minutes; before serving, stir.Microwave. In a medium microwave-safe bowl, combine water or milk, salt, and oats. 1-1 Microwave on HIGH

Why can’t you microwave a cookie?

The bulk of cookie recipes are difficult to adapt to microwave cooking because they have a high sugar and fat to flour ratio. These cookies will not be soft, crisp, or chewy if cooked in a microwave oven. They will instead burn, bubble, and spread out into a flat mass.

What mode do you bake cookies in the microwave?

Preheat the microwave to 170°C in conventional mode.

Is it OK to eat oatmeal every day?

Yes, eating oatmeal every day is beneficial due to its nutritional profile and health advantages, which include weight management and a heart-healthy impact. As a breakfast and mid-meal snack, oats may be a better choice than the bulk of items on the market.

How fast does oatmeal lower blood pressure?

When combined with a balanced diet, oats are high in soluble fiber and have been demonstrated to dramatically decrease blood pressure. It’s nothing fancy; a serving of plain oats is enough to lower blood pressure by 12 points in only a few weeks.

Can I eat oatmeal 3 times a day?

If you want to reduce weight, enhance your digestive health, and decrease your cholesterol levels, eat oatmeal three times a day. To get the most advantages from this superfood, have it for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Are microwave cookies safe?

Store-bought cookie dough is safe to consume since it has been heat-treated to destroy any potentially hazardous microorganisms. As a result, the microwave is the greatest method to eat cookie dough. It is fast and simple, with little to no fuss, and the cookie dough is safe to consume. So, go ahead and eat your warm, wonderful cookies!

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