Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

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This slow-cooked chicken is bursting with delectable soothing Spanish flavors.

A tasty, healthy, and filling family supper.

It contains all of the sun-kissed aromas of Spanish cuisine in a substantial one-pot dish perfect for an autumn or winter feast.

This slow cooker chicken dish is easy to prepare in the morning before you leave for work.

Because all of the veggies are chunkily cut, this dish comes together quickly.

You may prepare this using fresh peppers if you like.

And, since it’s a genuine one-pot chicken, it’s easy to serve it spooned into a bowl with crusty bread for dipping when you get home.

How to make this chicken in a Spanish way?.

Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

This dump-and-go slow cooker meal comes together in less than 5 minutes, making it excellent for fast dinners.

Simply put the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer on low for several hours, or until ready to serve.

Spanish chicken is a flavorful and scrumptious meal that perfectly combines chicken, olives, and tomatoes.

This dish is also easily customizable if you want to add additional ingredients or change the flavor.




●Chicken breast




Red bell pepper


Yellow bell pepper


Garlic cloves




Vegetable stock


Plum tomatoes


Cannellini beans






Tomato puree


White wine (optional)


Olive oil


.Step by Step Instructions.

1.In a medium-sized pan, heat the oil. Cook until the chicken- and chorizo are browned.


2.Get the vegetables ready.


3.In your slow cooker, combine the cooked chicken- and chorizo.


4.In the slow cooker, combine all of the chopped vegetables.


5.The rest of the ingredients should be combined- in a separate bowl.


6.Let it simmer on low for 6 hours, stirring occasionally.



1.With a can of drained chickpeas, you may boost the protein content of this recipe.


2.A sprinkling of feta cheese on top gives a nice saltiness to the dish.


3.The dish is best served with mashed potatoes or any sort of- grain. On a crispy baked potato, the leftovers are very wonderful.


.Nutritional Information:.

Serving: 1portion


Calories: 450kcal


Carbohydrates: 24g


Protein: 52g


Fat: 18g


Saturated Fat: 4g


Cholesterol: 144mg


Sodium: 1045mg


Potassium: 1249mg


Fiber: 7g


Sugar: 6g


Vitamin A: 2795IU


Vitamin C: 118mg


Calcium: 93mg


Iron: 4mg


.Health Benefits of eating Chicken:

By far the most common white meat is chicken.

To begin with, it is inexpensive and easy to make.

It can also be prepared in a variety of ways.

Every household makes chicken differently, whether it’s fried or roasted, soup or fried.

Chicken is one of the world’s most popular dishes, and it is enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is also highly healthy and tasty, which is why it is a vital element of many culinary traditions.

Here are just a handful of the many health benefits of eating chicken.

1.Protein Deficiency: Chicken meat is one of the most common sources- of protein. Chicken breast provides 21 grams of protein per 100 grams, which is uncommon in other foods, according to nutritionists. Proteins are among the most beneficial foods taken by humans, especially in terms of- health. Bodybuilders and muscle builders rely heavily on amino acids, which are the building elements of proteins.


2.Loss of weight:Another important health benefit of chicken meat is that it aids in weight loss. Any high-protein diet, such as chicken wings, can help you lose weight and keep it off. According to studies, those who eat a high-protein diet have an easier time controlling their weight. If you want to lose weight and get rid of belly fat, you should look for the greatest- chicken wings.


3.Vitamins and minerals abound.:Chicken wings offer the body not only enough protein but also the vitamins and minerals it needs. Large amounts of B vitamins are necessary for energy production and the creation of healthy red blood cells. Chicken wings include vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption and the production of strong bones. Iron, for example, is necessary for muscle activity, hemoglobin synthesis, and the prevention of anemia.


4.Anti-Cancer Effects:Chicken has been- shown to provide health benefits to persons suffering from a variety- of ailments, particularly cancer. People who consume pork and red meat have a higher risk of developing colon cancer later in life. People who consume fish and poultry, on the other hand, have a lower risk of cancer. If you’re not a vegetarian, chicken flesh is a good- alternative to red meat or pork.


5.Lower Cholesterol: Many people are currently looking for therapy options to help them lower their cholesterol levels. Most persons who consume large amounts of red meat, such as lamb, hog, and beef have high cholesterol levels, making them vulnerable to a variety of heart ailments. Consuming the best poultry, fish, and vegetables, on the other hand, helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body, lowering- the risk of heart disease.


6.Blood Pressure Control:Chicken meat is extremely- effective in lowering blood pressure. If you’ve been having trouble controlling your blood pressure, it’s time to take a more natural approach and start looking for the top Rotisserie chicken restaurants. Chicken meat, along with fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy, is considered a vital food for those with hypertension.


7.Essential for Skin Health:You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high-end lotions and skin oils to rejuvenate your skin after a hot summer. The chicken will naturally renew your skin if you eat it regularly. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is found in chicken livers and helps to minimize skin problems while also mending damaged or dry skin.


8.Antidepressant (Natural): In recent years, the number of people suffering from depression, stress, and other metal-related disorders has risen dramatically. If you’re feeling low on energy, try eating some chicken wings to lift your spirits. Increasing the quantities of amino acids in your brain will help you improve your mood and relieve stress.


9.Promotes cardiovascular health:Chicken, which is high in vitamin B6, helps prevent heart attacks. Vitamin B6 aids in the prevention of heart attacks by reducing homocysteine levels, one of the major- components linked to an elevated risk of a heart attack. Chicken is also high in niacin, a B vitamin that helps decrease cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Chicken is also over red meat because it has fewer saturated fats and is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have favorable cardiovascular effects.


.How to make a healthy chicken dish?

The fat and cholesterol composition of various chicken servings vary.

With just 1 gram of fat per 28 grams, breast meat is the leanest.

Then come the chicken legs, which contain 2g of fat per 28g of meat.

Before preparing chicken, make sure all visible fat is removed since it is unhealthy for your heart.

These fat deposits are often white, and if you have trouble recognizing them, you may have your vendor point them out for you.

Marinate it with healthy spices like turmeric and coriander, as well as curd, to ensure that the chicken gets all of the nutrients and becomes more tasty.

Then, in a slow cooker, simmer it until the chicken is tender and delicious.

.Frequently Asked Questions

.Is it possible to cook this in the oven?

.If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can bake it instead.

6 gas mark, or until the chicken is well cooked.Simply replace the tinned tomatoes with cherry tomatoes and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes.

.Is it possible to freeze it?

.This is an excellent meal to make ahead of time and freeze.

It will keep in the fridge for approximately 2 days, or you can divide it out and freeze it for up to 3 months.

Before placing it in a skillet with a little oil and gently warming it up, make sure it’s thoroughly defrosted.

.Is browning the chicken before slow cooking necessary?

Many people like to brown or sear their chicken before gently cooking it from raw.

This may assist to retain moisture, save time in the kitchen, or just enhance the aesthetic of the completed product.

Keep in mind that a lot of liquid will be released while cooking chicken.

.Is it true that slow-cooking chicken makes it tender?

.It is so much needed to clear this out!

Slow cookers are excellent for breaking down and tenderizing foods.

By patiently simmering boneless chicken thighs (or chicken breast) in a fragrant cooking broth, the bird becomes very soft.


.The slow cooker method simplifies the preparation of this meal.

This dish is minimal in calories, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

This meal is for you if you like chicken and olives.

It’s produced with a Spanish twist on our classic Chicken recipe, and it’s packed with flavor and color.

I hope you like it! It is easy to adapt the recipe to your preferences.



Can you put raw chicken in a slow cooker?

Yes, raw chicken can be cooked in a slow cooker! Raw meats are cooked in slow cookers and Crock-Pots. Bacteria are destroyed by the direct heat from the pot, the long cooking period, and the steam formed by the securely sealed container, making slow cooking safe. You may also use frozen chicken in a slow cooker!

Do I need to brown of the chicken before it goes in the slow cooker?

Before putting the chicken in the slow cooker, sear it on both sides.

Pre-cooking the chicken locks in the fluids and makes it even more tender while it cooks. In your recipe, a caramelized piece of beef will always taste better.

Why is my chicken in the crockpot still tough?

2) Select the appropriate Crockpot size.

Aside from mistakenly overcooking the dishes, the most prevalent cause of tough, rubbery, or overcooked chicken is consumers using a too large Crockpot. Each of our recipes has a suggested slow cooker size.

How long can raw chicken sit in a slow cooker?

The official recommendation (at least in the United States) is no more than 2 hours total between 40°F (4°C) and 140°F (60°C). So, assuming your environment is reasonably chilly and all of the components are cold, two hours in the off crock pot is just inside the guidelines.

Do you need to put liquid in the slow cooker when cooking chicken?

Is it necessary to add liquid? No, as long as the breast pieces are in a single layer and in contact with the slow cooker, no chicken liquid or stock is required. If you’re making numerous layers, you’ll need to add liquid to cover the meat, but this isn’t something I encourage.

Is it better to cook chicken on high or low in crockpot?

2 hours. For the greatest results, cook your boneless skinless chicken breasts on LOW. Even if you check it early, boneless chicken breast will become quite dry and tough if cooked on HIGH.2 to 2 1In a slow cooker, cook boneless chicken breasts on LOW for 1 hour.

What happens if you don’t brown meat before slow cooker?

Brown ground beef or other ground meat in a pan before adding it to your slow cooker to avoid clumping or adding unnecessary fat to your finished meal.

Does chicken taste better in slow cooker?

Your meat will be juicier and more tender as a result.

It also enhances the taste of the meat. Furthermore, the slow-and-low approach assures that the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender. Cooking meat over high heat for a shorter amount of time does not provide the same effects.

How do you know when chicken is done in a slow cooker?

Approximately 2 to 3 hours.Place the turkey in the slow cooker, cover it, and set it to “high” heat. Cook until the chicken is well done and an instant-read thermometer put into the thickest part of the thigh (without touching bone) registers 160°F, about 2 12 hours.

Can you slow cook chicken too long?

Is it possible to overcook chicken in the slow cooker? Yes, it is conceivable! If the meat is overcooked, it will become dry, not juicy and tender. The timeframes in my recipe are great for juicy results, but if you use less chicken than the recipe suggests, I would check it sooner.

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